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Pax passed his MS thesis defense!

04/2023: Pax passed his MS thesis defense. Congratulations Pax!

Paper published in JACS!

04/2023: Our collaboration work on CO2RR on twin boundary Cu is published in JACS. Check it out here!

Qing attends ACS Spring Meeting!

03/2023: Qing attends ACS Spring Meeting and presents here work on heterogeneous catalysis!


Qing visits UMass Lowell!

03/2023: Qing visits University of Massachusetts Lowell and gives an invited talk at ChemE seminar!


Welcome to new member!

01/2023: Welcome to our first Ph.D. student, Colin Gallagher!

Paper published in PNAS! ​

10/2022: Our paper on elucidating C-C coupling mechanisms in CO2 reduction on Cu(111) is published in PNAS. Check it out here!

Paper published in JPCL! ​

10/2022: Our paper on rationalizing CO hydrogenation step in CO2 reduction on Cu(100) is published in JPCL. Check it out here!

Carmen joins the group!

10/2022: Welcome to our undergraduate student, Carmen Cheng!

Pax wins 1st prize in our department research showcase!

09/2022: Congratulations to Pax on winning the first prize in our department research showcase!

Welcome to Tanishka!

09/2022: Welcome to our undergraduate student, Tanishka Kucheria!

Wali joins the group!

07/2022: Wali Siddiqui joins the group as an undergraduate student. Welcome Wali!

Welcome to REU student!

06/2022: Tyler Arnold joins the group as a REU student. Welcome Tyler!

Pax joins the group!

01/2022: Welcome to our first Masters student, Pax Makhura!

Lab launched!

01/2022: Qing Zhao joins Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University as an Assistant Professor. Our Computational Catalyst Design Lab launched! (Link) 

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